Look Dope. Feel Dope.

Ever want to shred in a hoodie but it's just too cold? Not anymore. 

Style. Comfort. Mobility.

In the Softflex we combined high end insulation with a soft, loose, stretchable outer layer to provide you the warmth of a stiff jacket with the style and comfort of a hoodie.

  • Waterproof

    Tired of getting the back of your hoodie wet when you shred? The Softflex has a stretchable waterproof exterior from the waist down. No longer will you ride with a frozen hoodie.

  • Insulation

    Hate getting cold on your way up the lift? Or when you're just bombing too hard? Problem solved. The Softflex is lined with insulation that is wind and water resistant, keeping you dry and warm.

  • Half Gloves

    Tired of getting snow up your sleeves? or when your sleeves cant fit over your gloves? The Softflex includes extended cuffs and soft half gloves located at the wrist to help insulate the arms from the cold air.


[The Softflex] "Looks Sick!"

"I feel like my movements are way less restricted than they were with my jacket."

"Wearing the Softflex in 15 degree weather while it was snowing, I thought I would get wet and be cold but I ended up being very comfortable and dry."

"So Comfy! It feels like i'm riding in a comforter. Once you try it on, theres no going back."

"When I ride in hoodies I'm usually fine while riding, but on the lift the air goes straight through and I get cold. The Softflex totally solves this issue!"

"I love riding in hoodies but I hate when the part by my butt gets wet from sitting then freezes. The waterproof portion of the Softflex is perfect!"