Frequently Asked Questions About The Softflex


How does it keep me warm? 

- The Softflex is fully insulated throughout the body and arms with synthetic down insulation, keeping you warm in freezing temperatures. Tested in 10 degree snow storms, It's the ideal replacement for a ski jacket.


Will the Softflex keep me dry?

- The Softflex is fully water resistant throughout and extra waterproof from the waist down where it touches the snow. It's been rigorously tested and approved for powder days!


What is the waterproof rating?  

- The Softflex features a dual-layer design for optimal performance. The bottom half is fully waterproof with a 10,000 rating for complete waterproof protection. The top half, resembling your favorite hoodie, offers incredible stretch and snow resistance. 


What makes the Softflex so unique?

- To maximize flexibility and comfort on the top half, we've placed the non-stretchable, water-resistant layer on the inside. This allows us to use excess material, which can expand to accommodate your every move. While the flexible top half may get damp externally, the water won’t pass through, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable all day. 


What size should I get?

- Sizing is different for everyone, but as a general rule of thumb, these are our recommendations: XXS = 4'8-5'0    XS = 5'0-5'3    S = 5’3-5’5    M = 5’5-5’7    L = 5’8-5’10    XL = 5”10-6”2    XXL = 6’2-6"5    XXXL = 6'5+


How do I wash it?

- Wash on cool, hang to dry