Our Mission

About Alphatech

Since as far back as I can remember, I wanted to shred in a hoodie. I didn't want to be bound to a restrictive jacket when it got too cold or because I needed more space to hold my things during a long day on the mountain.

With this in mind, I got to work on creating the perfect layer of outerwear for people like me. One that combined the style, comfort and mobility of my favorite hoodie with the warmth of a traditional ski jacket. After years filled with research, material sourcing, late nights designing, and tons of revisions, the Softflex was born. 

Alphatech was built on the foundation of delivering the freedom of skiing and snowboarding with minimal restriction and maximum comfort.

Beyond the premium products we create, we support the mission of getting outside and making the most of your days off. To that point, we say “if you’re going to take a sick day, make sure it’s a SICK day!”. Life happens outside the office, so "Take more sick days!"