Our Story

The Origin of Alphatech

 Growing up riding in Vermont, my brother and I always hoped for warm weather so that we could leave our bulky, restrictive jackets at home, and ride in the comfort of a hoodie. The mobility and freedom I felt when riding in a loose hoodie motivated me to start Alphatech. We aim to deliver the freedom of skiing and snowboarding with minimal restriction and maximum comfort.
After years of waiting for my ideal layer to be released by one of the big corporations we all know too well, I figured I would take things into my own hands and I got to work. I had a vision of what the sport needed and the determination to get it done. I began researching high quality materials for my idea and visualized how the design would come together in a way that would make me look dope and feel as comfy as I was riding in my favorite hoodie. After months of research, I completed the design and sourced the materials I needed to make my dream a reality. Like that the prototyping began and Alphatech was the only thing on my mind. After years of hard work, late nights and tons of revisions, the Softflex was born. We hope you love it. I know we do. 

About AARF

Here at Alphatech we support staying safe on the mountain. From wearing a helmet to making sure you have the right gear in the back country, we want to help make sure our customers are safe. For this reason (and because we love dogs!) Alphatech Apparel will donating $5 from every Softflex sold to the Alpine Avalanche Rescue Foundation aka the AARF foundation. Through supporting the AARF Foundation we aid their efforts and mission of teaching mountain rescue dogs to find skiers and snowboarders buried in the snow.